With over 15 years experience in the energy sector we specialise in energy efficient measures, helping our customer to reduce energy usage, costs and their carbon footprint.


Alba Energy Solutions is a well known ECO business a part of the Red1Group located in Glasgow, UK. Together we have built a reputation for providing high-quality services in the areas of Air source heat pumps, Boiler replacement, Back boiler conversion, Central heating, Solar panel installation, Wall insulation, Loft insulation. We have a team of experienced professionals who always put their customer’s needs first, ensuring that they receive the best possible service.
One of the key factors that set Alba Energy Solutions apart from other companies is our dedication to working within the guidelines of PAS 2035 and delivering the ECO4 Funding Scheme. This scheme provides funding for energy-efficient measures in homes across the U.K, helping to reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions. By adhering to these guidelines, Alba Energy Solutions can provide cost-effective solutions that benefit both our customers and the environment.

In addition to our commitment to sustainable practices, Alba Energy Solutions also places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and preferences, providing customised solutions that meet their specific requirements. Our professionalism, attention to detail, and customer-centric approach have earned us a loyal customer base and a reputation for excellence in the industry.

Overall, Alba Energy Solutions is a reliable and reputable company that offers a wide range of energy-efficient solutions for domestic properties. With our expertise and dedication to customer service, we are a trusted partner for anyone looking to make their property more sustainable and energy-efficient.

We always put our focus on our customers. We want you to find the product or service that perfectly suits your needs, which is why we offer comprehensive consulting services to help you make an informed decision.
Our aim is that you are completely satisfied with our products and services. That’s why we not only provide professional advice before you order: We are also there to help you afterwards, serving as reliable support.
We regularly offer industry-relevant training programs and workshops. Our certified instructors have many years of experience in their specialist area and enjoy sharing their expert knowledge with their students.
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